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The booq approach to product design is to provide the best solution around clearly defined user requirements. While every Python camera bag is made to house any size DSLR with both attached and additional lens(es), plus a wide array of accessories, each bag has a unique carrying style and each interior is customizable in its own way. Rather than the flimsy padding commonplace in mass-market bags, the Python collection utilizes sturdy, densely padded interior dividers to organize a variety of gear. Booq’s durable water-repellent ballistic nylon holds its form with or without a full load, while the collection’s gray exterior and plush red interior makes it easy to locate all your black camera gear, allowing you to swap out lenses or grab an accessory quickly and easily.

“The days where a camera was the only tool a photographer carried are long gone,”

says booq’s Lead Designer, S. Kema Subsomboon. “Nowadays they carry a tablet with them, chargers, multiple lenses, their phone, and even more than one camera on occasion... The Python camera bag was designed with this in mind, keeping things divided with a multitude of pockets and padded walls, as well as dividers.”

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